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We support a diverse European customer base encompassing key growth markets with 300+ active customers. Regardless of application, our customers rely on us to provide a total solution to their business needs.

Aerospace & Defence
For military and aerospace applications, absolute reliability is paramount. We have a proud tradition of providing technological leadership and reliability where product failure is not an option.
We supply a range of solutions for complex electronic programs that include:

  • Military & Civil aerospace
  • Naval & Land Systems
  • Aero Engine controls
  • Weapon systems and countermeasures
  • Missile & Missile defence
  • Encryption / Cyber security / Intelligence
  • Radar detection
  • Reconnaissance systems
  • UAV
  • Guidance Systems
  • Communications
  • Head up displays
  • Defence aids
Key industry approvals:
  • AS9100 REV C
  • NADCAP (Electronics)for flex – rigid multi-layers and microvia technologies
  • SC21 Bronze Award
Successful penetration of the European space market includes payloads, ground infrastructure and space equipment for a wide range of civil and military applications.  

Key industry approvals:
  • ESA approved according to ECSS-Q-ST-70-10C in accordance with:
    PID SM18T iss. 02 - sequential rigid polyimide
    PID SM19T iss. 02 - sequential rigid-flex polyimide
Our technical ability to support both pre and post design, in what is a demanding industry sector, is exemplary.
These sectors are classified by a variety of customers with diverse technological requirements. The products supplied range from PTH, multilayer PCBs with up to 20L+, and flexible /flex-rigid boards.
Applications include, advanced motor, drive and control technologies, transmission and distribution, braking systems, sensors, highly specialized test and measurement equipment solutions.
We have the technical capability, flexibility of operation and high quality service to help our customers strengthen their own competitiveness.
Typical applications must operate at radio frequency and power levels, which imposes special constraints on their design. These constraints increase in their importance with higher frequencies.

At microwave frequencies, the reactance of signal traces becomes a crucial part of the physical layout of the circuit.
Modern RF and wireless product design is a highly complex engineering task and the design and layout of the PCB is critical to success.
Our specialist knowledge of RF substrates and the PCB manufacturing process enables Invotec to convert your designs into cost efficient, reliable and high performing RF printed
circuit boards.
The growth of electronics within the automobile is not new. Today, an estimated 40% of the value of the vehicle is electronic with new entertainment, environmental control, navigation systems and safety systems.  
We supply the commercial and motor sport segments, where time to market (TTM) is critical.  During the racing calendar design improvements to the car can require product being available from 24 hours.
We specialise in the supply of small – medium volumes of multilayer and flex-rigid technologies on accelerated lead-times.

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