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Since 1974, Invotec has been pushing boundaries in circuit board technology; please take a look at our key company milestones.

1974 Forward Circuits established in Tamworth (Invotec Tamworth).
1994 Central Circuits Acquired (Telford).
1995 Manchester Circuits Acquired (A&D Specialist).
1995 GEC Marconi Acquired (captive manufacturer).
1995 Exacta Circuits Acquired.
1997 Forward Group Acquired by Viasystems
1999 Viasystems creates “Special Products” Group.
2001 Invotec Group formed by MBO.
2007 Secondary MBO.
2007 Invotec expands overseas representation to include France, Benelux, Italy and Spain
2012 Invotec acquires stake in PEL.
2012 Invotec acquired by RG Industries LLP
Invotec acquired by Amphenol Corporation