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Amphenol Invotec wins coveted Siemens Supplier Award

Added 20/04/2017

Amphenol Invotec has been named one of Siemens Congleton’s top suppliers at the 2017 Supplier Award Day

Ongoing projects were assessed by Siemens under four areas, namely purchasing, quality, logistics and technology. Amphenol Invotec scored an impressive overall total of 92%, gaining the company the Siemens Supplier Award for Consistent Quality Improvements. Amphenol Invotec was also named a finalist in the Technology Supplier category.

Jeremy Brook, Account Manager, who represented Amphenol Invotec at the Siemens Supplier Day and award ceremony, said of the achievement:

“Naturally, we are delighted that our product quality and service have been appraised so highly and that our work has been formally recognised by Siemens in this way. We highly value our long-term working relationship with Siemens and look forward to continuing our partnership for a long time to come.”

Operating from facilities in the UK, Amphenol Invotec is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of time critical, advanced technology and high reliability printed circuit boards.  The company manufactures a wide range of multilayer, HDI, sequential lamination, flex and flex-rigid PCBs using a variety of advanced materials, finishes and technologies to meet exacting customer specifications.

Amphenol Invotec works across a diverse range of international key markets including: military, civil aviation, industrial, space, oil & gas, automotive, security, energy and transportation.