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Please refer to the summary of the technologies that are available. This information should be used with due consideration; whilst many of the materials, processes, and technologies can be used in combination there may be incompatibility issues
to consider.  

For advice on any of these topics please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary support to all your questions.

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Standard PCBs
Categorised by single stage bond, conventional drilling and plating technology.
  • Multilayer up to 40+ layers
  • Wide range of laminate options including high reliability / temperature, low loss and lead-free laminates
  • Mixed dielectric (hybrid) constructions
  • RF and microwave circuits
  • Heavy copper and thermal management solutions
  • Embedded components
Flex & Flex-Rigid
Flex-rigid circuit technology provides a method to integrate multiple PCB assemblies, eliminate wires, cables or connectors, replacing them with flexible substrate between rigid sections.

Flexible circuits allow the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its application.

Our products can be found in a range of ultra high reliability markets including aerospace, space and defence. We have developed extensive manufacturing experience, product knowledge and technical expertise through close collaboration with many leading OEMs.
  • Single sided flexible material with or without stiffener (one conductive layer).
  • Double sided flexible material with or without stiffener (two conductor layers) with plated through holes.
  • Multilayer flexible material with or stiffener (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI.
  • Multilayer rigid and flexible material combinations (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI.

Key features  
  • 1-30+ Layer Capability
  • IPC 6013 class 3
  • Complex balanced & unbalanced structures
  • Acrylic, Epoxy and Adhesiveless Polyimide
  • Custom Surface Finishes Available
  • Flex Assembly Services
  • Customized Forming (Book-Binder flex-rigid)
HDI (High Density Interconnect)
Advances in technology have enabled products to deliver enhanced performance in smaller form packaging. The adoption has become widespread, touching the majority of global markets.  

The miniaturization of components and semiconductor packages that supports advanced features invariably drives the technology of the PCB, giving rise to the use of fine features, high performance thin materials and laser-drilled blind or buried microvia technology.  Microvias allow the use of micro-interconnects from one layer to another within a PCB utilizing a smaller pad diameter creating additional routing density.

HDI Constructions:
  • 1+N+1 – PCBs contain 1 of high-density interconnection layer.
  • 5+N+5 -  PCBs contain 5 levels of high density interconnection layers. Microvias on different layers can be staggered or stacked. Copper filled stacked microvia structures are commonly seen in demanding designs.
  • Any Layer HDI - All the layers of a PCB are high density interconnection layers which allows the conductors on any layer of the PCB to be interconnected freely with copper filled stacked microvia structures. This provides a reliable interconnect solution for highly complex large pin-count devices.

Advanced Capabilities:
  • Any layer HDI
  • Multilayer copper filled stacked micro via structure
  • 2/2 thou line/space
  • 3/9 thou l laser via capture pad size
  • Embedded components
  • Complex rigid-flex HDI products
  • Wide range of material and surface finish selections