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Printed Electronics

Invotec partners with Printed Electronics Limited (PEL)
Printed Electronics Limited (PEL) is a manufacturing-led integration, and process & product development company.
PEL uses advanced printing methods such as inkjet and direct material deposition to form electronic circuits, devices and systems.
PEL’s main facility is sited at Invotec Tamworth and have a shared vision with Invotec towards advanced interconnect technology.
The field of Printed Electronics is wide and the team at PEL has wide chemistry, physics and electronics expertise.
In addition to their manufacturing focus, PEL offers consultancy and regular training courses in the field of inkjet and printed electronics.
PEL has built up wide experience in the field of printed electronics and is a respected and proven company for customers wanting to implement Printed Electronics in their own processes and well as in manufacturing Proof of Concept through to higher volume products.

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