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Amphenol Invotec is now JOSCAR Stage 2 accredited

Added 14/05/2018


Amphenol Invotec, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of advanced PCBs, now has Stage 2 accreditation with JOSCAR, the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register.


Designed to help prime contractors and their suppliers in the defence, aerospace and security sectors, JOSCAR reduces the time, cost and resources required to collate and validate essential corporate and compliance information. Suppliers’ data held in a central Register can be easily accessed by all participating buying organisations. JOSCAR was established through an initiative by the trade organisation, ADS, and is administered by the third party service provider Hellios International.


For JOSCAR Stage 1, suppliers need to complete a basic online registration questionnaire while for Stage 2, more detailed information supported by documentation needs to be uploaded and then validated by an independent expert team.


As a key supplier of mission-critical components to the aerospace & defence and space industries, Amphenol Invotec wholeheartedly support the aims of JOSCAR and see the clear value that this initiative will bring to the industry.