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Rolls-Royce Control Systems 2018 Supplier Conference

Added 25/04/2018

Amphenol Invotec to host Zero Defects stand

at Rolls-Royce Control Systems Supplier Conference

On 26th April, Amphenol Invotec will be hosting a Zero Defects supplier stand at this year’s Rolls-Royce Control Systems Supplier Conference.

At the event, Amphenol Invotec will be talking to other Rolls-Royce Control Systems suppliers, explaining why and how it is implementing a Zero Defects strategy and the impact it will have on its business, including detailed changes to workstreams. In its invitation to the conference, Rolls-Royce Control Systems said: “You are one of five suppliers who has made a great start on their Zero Defects journey and we feel that sharing part of your story will help inspire others.”

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of advanced PCBs for some of the most critical applications, Amphenol Invotec is fundamentally committed to satisfying the stringent quality requirements of its customers, including the adoption of Zero Defects - a management-led program designed to eliminate waste and defects in any production environment through a process of both operational and cultural change.