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Amphenol Invotec adds Nordson ProVIA™ Plasma System

Added 20/09/2016

Amphenol Invotec, Europe’s leading manufacturer of time-critical, high-technology PCBs has commissioned a Nordson ProVIA™ Plasma System, from Adeon Technologies for its facility in Tamworth. 

Nordson MARCH’s ProVIA™ system is specifically configured to meet the demands of today’s high throughput PCB manufacturing operations. 

Tim Tatton, General Manager of Amphenol Invotec, commented on the new machine: 

Adding this new system, delivers multiple benefits; not only a superior & uniform PCB treatment for key applications like desmear and hole preparation.  We will also see improved throughput, reduced cycle times and extend our large format capability.  PTFE product can also now be processed in-house which will further improve our lead-time offering.