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Amphenol Invotec Ltd purchases a Ledia 3-wavelength Direct Imager from Ucamco

Added 08/06/2016

Amphenol Invotec Ltd is pleased to announce the purchase of a Ledia 3-wavelength Direct Imager for its Tamworth facility.

Ultra-fine feature capabilities, a precision auto-focus and an automatic alignment algorithm compensates for substrate distortion.  The result is high throughput and unrivalled quality especially for soldermask with fine dams and tight registration tolerances. 

This 5-head 3-wavelength system will be used to image outer-layer sequential sub-assemblies, including HDI, dry films and range of soldermasks.

Anthony Jackson, Technical Manager at Amphenol Invotec, Tamworth facility commented:

Ucamco’s Ledia Direct Imager will enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers in the most demanding sectors. This is a fully automated and integrated solution for our business; capability, quality and throughput demands are delivered without compromise. This addition completes the move to full digital processing for all imaging and masking operations.”