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High flying times for Invotec Group

Added 24/11/2014
I'm running around like a mad man at electronica, late for an appointment. I'm looking for Invotec, a UK-based PCB manufacturer. And when I finally find their rather modest booth, some things just don't add up.
Invotec Group’s “model small” booth really doesn't fit the company, neither in terms of actual presence nor confidence. 

It’s been a very good year business-wise and it continues to be, which is reflected here at electronica. I literally had to elbow my way into the booth, and I apologise to anyone that was on the receiving end.

Which was confirmed by Jeremy Brook, Account Manager at Invotec Group: “We are certainly looking to grow the company in continental Europe. Over the last few years we've added direct sales and customer support personnel in the Benelux region, and agents in Spain, Italy and France. This year the Invotec Group has strengthened its Team with two new sales appointments in Germany. This has made it easier to access those markets and customers, both from a communication point of view, but also in terms of service and support”

“And with our approvals from ESA (The European Space Agency), let’s just say that it has created a lot of interest. And for this show, well I guess we are certainly more visible, accessible and in certain segments such as space, more relevant to continental European customers.”

It's actually created more than interest, it boosted the company's customer base in the space sector. In one business year, Invotec Group received about 52 new customers, which is a lot by any measures for one single sector.

It’s not hard to see pride in Jeremy Brook's face, his body language speaks volumes. And really, the numbers speak for themselves. As of now, Invotec Group remains a key player in the Space sector.

“Invotec Group is actively involved in ESA and we value all the numerous networking opportunities that come as a result.”

“We've seen customers that we were already talking to on non ESA programs, but they opened the door to new programs within the ESA community. And some of this has been accelerated by the Printca demise. In addition, customers, previously unknown to us, have come out of the woodwork so to speak.”

Jeremy explains that the company has received a lot of interest; not just from leading players in UK, France, Italy and Germany, but also from further afield such as Turkey and Canada. 

“And due to all of this, we've faced some short-term capacity challenges, where we have faced a steep development curve. We’ve responded by adding not only production capacity but also strengthening our technical, engineering and quality resource.” 

Invotec Group is growing its portfolio and adds strength to its name with each new customer. And the company is also eyeing some new regions to grow in, such as India, Russia and Israel. 

Like he said, it has been a busy year for Invotec Group.