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Invotec Group wins new ESA Approval for its Flex Rigid PCBs

Added 27/05/2014

Having secured its first approval from the European Space Agency (ESA) earlier this year, Invotec Group is delighted to announce that it has now gained approval for sequential flex rigid boards.

Since acquiring its rigid products approval in January, Invotec has engaged with 25 new customers across nine countries.

Now with this additional approval, and currently the only ESA approved fabricator for flex rigid boards, the company is in an excellent position to meet the demands of the space sector.

Tim Tatton, Invotec Group’s Managing Director, commented: “This is an important achievement for us that will create further new opportunities.   We intend to continue expanding our ESA Approval portfolio across further product technologies and materials in order to meet the needs of an even wider range of OEMs in the space industry.”