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Exhibiting at MAKS leads to new Russian client win for Invotec Group

Added 07/01/2014

Following attendance earlier this year at the MAKS exhibition in Moscow, Invotec Group has won an important new Russian client involved in the development of reconfigurable computing systems and devices based on FPGA.

Held at the Gromov Flight Research Institute, the country’s major national testing facility, MAKS 2013 was the 11th International Aviation and Space Salon. Dedicated to demonstrating the latest Russian aerospace technology as well as the openness of the Russian market to joint ventures, it provided the Invotec Group team with the opportunity to meet a number of key decision makers from potential clients in what promises to be a significant future growth market for the company.

Invotec Group has been involved in Russia for some 10 years, primarily in the Oil and Gas sector. As a result of exhibiting at MAKS, the company is now looking forward to further expansion not only in aerospace but also in other advanced technology and high reliability market sectors.