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Research and Technological Development

We work in partnership and share knowledge with

customers at the earliest opportunity.

We add value through our expertise, experience, flair

and ingenuity, enabling customers to convert their

visions into viable products.

Design for Manufacture

Our DFM team proactively assesses customer

designs to ensure optimum performance and value.

Through this methodology, we deliver robust design

solutions leading to enhanced quality and an

accelerated time to market

New Product Introduction

Our strength is rooted in flexibility.

While we have the manufacturing capabilities and

scale to ensure the rapid delivery of high volume

orders, we also work as a development partner with

many customers.

We produce prototypes and pilot batches, which are

proven for manufacturability prior to batch launch.

Quick Turnaround (QTA)

We offer a broad range of technologies on

accelerated lead-times:

- IMS – 24 hrs

- PTH – 2 days

- Multi-Layer (Including HDI) – 3 days

- Sequential lamination – 5 days

- Flex-Rigid – 5 days

Knowing Our Customers

Local Account Managers backed by

our Customer Service team work with

you to provide a customised service


The Value of Knowledge

Our technical resource on site and in

field applications provides you with

answers you want when and wherever

you need them.

Relationship Management

Successful commercial

relationships are built on being

open, honest and fair.